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The idea for my book “Fingerprints on the Table” came from a page one  Associated Press article way back in 1998. President Bill Clinton explained they were signing a peace agreement on a table that was used for historic occasions beginning with the Peace Accord ending the Spanish-American War in 1898.

That one paragraph caught my attention. I wanted to know more about the table. Fifteen years later, after researching, writing and rewriting and a few rejections. My book was published in 2013 by the White House Historical Assn.

Over those years, I had seen many pictures of table always most often with one of the presidents who signed peace treaties on it including William McKinley, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton.

And while a table with its history will never be old news, it was back in the news earlier this month…July 3…in the New York Times. Under the headline, Obama at Night: 7 Almonds and Precious Solitude is the photo of President Obama at the table in the Treaty Room.

Think of it. President Grant bought the table for his Cabinet in 1869. Today, 147 years later, President Obama sits at table reading letters in late night peace and quite. The strength, continuity and history of our great country.


Comments on: "Where do you find ideas?" (2)

  1. I loved your post about the table. You were researching or writing about that table when I took a class from you at UC Blue Ash. I had it pictured smaller. It was so nice to see a current photo with Obama sitting at it. Also kudos for thinking of “selling your book” idea to the White House Historical Association. Where do they sell it? Has it sold well?

    Dauna Easley

    • connie12 said:

      Hi, Dauna. Thank you for the kind comments. Joseph Beth Booksellers as well as, The Bookshelf in Madeira carry the book. If you are interested, please go to either store and, if they don’t have “Fingerprints on the Table” ask them to order it. They might order more than one and keep a copy or two on their shelves, which would be great. A thrill for me to see the table in the news again. How are you doing with your writing? Submitted any manuscripts to publishers? Let me know. Thank you. Connie

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