My musings on reading and writing

Reading to our children

My granddaughter was four years old when we discovered author Heidi Petach’s picture book “Goldilocks and the Three Hares.”
A contemporary takeoff of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” the book illustrated by Heidi is a great read with humorous conversation balloons from the mice living in the house who believe the book title should be “Goldilocks and the EIght Mice.”
I began reading the book, but eventually my granddaughter had memorized it to the point where she was reading it to me. (We all have experienced that with our children and grandchildren.)
One phrase that caught our imagination was “French toast-ooh la la!” Every once in awhile she or I quote the phrase. We laugh and together we remember the joy of reading this book. .
My granddaughter now is almost 20. She’s an art student, loves animation and cartooning, an interest developed, I believe, by her love of this book.
She warmed my heart yesterday when she sent a text. “Nana, remember the book “Goldilocks…?” Do you still have it? I’d like to take it to my art class this week.”
Of course, I have it, and all the memories of my granddaughter growing into an accomplished young woman. Indeed, the power of a children’s book.


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