My musings on reading and writing

How to Begin

A young mother explains she keeps getting ideas for stories to write but isn’t sure how to develop some of those ideas
She admits that she’s inspired when she has an hour or two alone but that doesn’t happen often when you have a two-year-old in the house.
So how does she begin?
My first suggestion is that she jots down in a notebook all these ideas. Then, when she does have time alone, she decides what what story she wants to show. (Remember, dear writers, you show your reader with words not tell your reader!)
When deciding on a topic for a children’s book, she needs to decide if the book will be for children or about children. Also, she should write about what she already knows or what she wants to know.
Once that decision is made, she needs to sit at a computer for at least an hour with no interruptions. That alone time may be after the two-year-old is fast asleep. In that quite time, the words may flow and she may develop the story at one sitting. Or, she may not type one word. She simply has to allow herself the time to see what happens!
The most difficult part of writing a story is getting the words on paper. It’s challenging. There is even an uncertainty, but that is a part of the writing process.
Let the writing begin.


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